Rachel Stout
Rachel Stout
Editorial Services and Consulting

So, I'm Rachel Stout.

That's probably the one thing you've already figured out about me so far.

I've worked in book publishing in some form for the entirety of my adult life, first in college for LJK Literary Management, then for several years with Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management, and now, I do most of my work solo or in conjunction with NY Book Editors. I like to write, too, most of the time about writing. 

My favorite thing about working in publishing? Working with authors--getting excited with them about their books, getting excited about them as people. Working as an agent showed me that in spades, so as I moved on from there, I simply expanded the breadth of what I wanted to do with and for authors.

Outside of my professional life, my favorite things are crossword puzzles, coffee, bike rides and striking up conversations with baristas, bartenders, neighbors and anyone who dares smile at me. In short, I like making friends. I also apparently don't mind being cheesy. (Nor do I mind the cheesiness of others, so if nothing else, send me your best/worst dad joke and I'll probably tell at least ten other people.)