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manuscript edits

Every project that comes across my desk is different and so, every edit is different, too. And that's a good thing! It's what keeps it interesting for me and hugely and uniquely helpful for you. I offer a range of editorial services. What works for you depends on how much work needs to go into your manuscript. 

Anything from a read-through review to a heavy content and line editing is offered. Regardless of level of editing, every single project I take on includes a phone call with me where we'll talk about your idea and vision for your book as well as scope of edits. Open communication via email is always welcome.

I offer several levels of edit. Here are the basics, but I'm open to discussion of combining or amending any of the below:

1. Editorial Review. I will read your manuscript and provide a detailed, thoughtful 7 to 10 page (or more) editorial memo for your book. There will be no line edits or direct markings on your text, but I will offer in-depth insight on what is working as well as what needs work, from the minutia to the big picture. There is no time limit on follow-up questions--check in whenever, even if it's a year later!


2. Stylistic/Line Edit. This includes everything in the Editorial Review as well as edits on your text itself. I use Microsoft Word track changes and so make heavy use of the "comment" feature as well along with my notes in the edit memo (sometimes I just like to point out a line I really like and sometimes I'll use to explain a suggested change). 

This is where we'll get down to the nitty gritty. I'll make suggested changes in grammar, word choice, and dialogue, as well as point out inconsistencies, awkward phrasing, overused words, confusing moments, etc. The list goes on! Of course, this also includes a post-edit phone call.


3. Developmental Edit. This includes everything in the Editorial Review and the Stylistic/Line Edit, as well as a heavy dose of content editing. I may make changes in large text blocks or offer structural advice. This edit could include suggested scene changes, reordering, or deletion along with plot and character evaluation. This is recommended for manuscripts that have a solid core, but need a big overhaul. Because of the heavy lifting required here, this edit does take more time than the other options. 


4. Follow-Up Edit. Available to any author whose manuscript has already undergone an edit of any level with me. This is a second read after edits have been made and can either include just an edit memo or an edit memo with some light line editing throughout. As I am already familiar with the book here, any second or follow-up edit will be priced at a lower rate than an initial edit or review.

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If you're looking for an editorial service for your manuscript and you don't think you see it listed here, get in touch and we'll work it out!


Query letter edits

If your manuscript is in great shape, but you're just not getting the response from agents that you need, or you just want someone with agenting experience to take a look at your letter before you submit, I offer quick, insightful and to the point notes and editorial comments on query letters. Query letter edits include a strategy phone call and follow-up emails.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer query letter writing services. You are the best person to pitch your book, even if you’re having difficulty honing in on the best way to do it. Give the letter a shot! I take any and all drafts of your letter into consideration when editing, so try a few angles, write some bad ones, but write something. I want to see your book how you see it.

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This includes everything in a Query Letter Edit plus a list of recommended agents and a Stylistic/Line Edit of the first fifty pages of your manuscript (or closest reasonable break to fifty pages). Since this is the section of your manuscript that most agents will be looking at when they request your work, it's very important that your opening fifty pages are strong. A Stylistic/Line Edit of those first fifty pages may also serve as a guide so that you can work similarly on the rest of your manuscript. 

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QUery Letter writing

If you would like a query letter written for your manuscript (English language only), I can provide that for you along with a list of suggested agents.

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querying straTegy

My master class in capturing the attention of the right agent for you and for your book is full of exercises, resources and insider information.

With five full-length coaching sessions, ten live calls with me and other authors in the course, a private Facebook group for members, bonus sessions with literary agents, and in-depth instruction on how to use the tools you already have to market your book to an agent in a way that will get them to request, Query Mastery is the best way to give your book the chance it deserves. 

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